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Aug. 19th, 2006 | 03:21 am
music: "in the future when all is well" morrissey

i'm excited for what is to come.

it's weird, with nicole up the street, we've been talking more than we did last semester when she was a hallway away.
but i know i was caught up with my own shit then and you lose track of what you want.
it's good to be talking again. it feels better. :)

my cat is sans fleas and this is also good. instead of being a miserable beast, she's a darling again.

i've had a few beers. what i would have called "not enough" once. but it's enough for now.
sleep...and no work until 6 pm.

life is sort of funny.

and morrissey, in any sort of drunkeness, i remember how i love that man.

hannaford has not given me enough money.
i need to do dumb stuff like laundry and i don't know how without a car. or money.
i hate the practical. eww.
i wish i didn't hate it as much as i do...

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