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Sep. 2nd, 2006 | 04:28 am

i had a fever today.

and the bitch boss let me leave early because she thought i seemed out of it.

at one point, when the printer ate an old lady's check, i thought i was fainting. it was awful. and i don't know if it was a physical/mental/too much caffeine reaction. but it sucked. a lot. i get faint sometimes and my dad has this heart issue where he passes out every now and then so maybe i got papa's shitty heart. or maybe i just need xanax.
who knows? but without going into boring details. work today was the worst i think it's been yet. and yes, i know that should have been a period in the earlier sentence, but my room is too dark to see the keys and i don't care.

i self-medicated tonight by first, watching "meet me in st.louis" with lindsay and then drinking a forty and some down the street.
here is to not working tomorrow and sleeping in until fucking 4 in the afternoon if i want to...shit i'm tired. night!

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