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(no subject)

Aug. 15th, 2006 | 03:57 am
music: modest mouse

Considerate Artist

colors! weird that black and green are my favorite colors and they are the ones i got the most of!

i like listening to the rain when it's bedtime.

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(no subject)

Aug. 9th, 2006 | 07:31 pm

golly gee, i'm lame sometimes.

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has the pig escaped again? oh, it's lady catherine.

Aug. 7th, 2006 | 11:52 pm
location: the couch!
music: "i don't love anyone"belle and sebastian

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sometimes, i really need a dose of georgian england. when i was about 10, right after seeing "sense and sensibility" i went through this phase where i really wanted to live in an estate in devonshire.

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plus, this girl is in it and she's my third cousin, of the malone strain. not that i've ever met her, but still, we irish are loyal to our kin.

i think i went on a date today.
but the trouble is, i'm enamored with a boy who has excellent taste in sweaters.

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Aug. 5th, 2006 | 11:37 pm

today at hannaford, a woman left a trail of shit across the floor.
she then proceeded to shake the shit out of her pantlegs in the bathroom.

on that note. i will be working there full time for the rest of august.


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i get a kick out of broads like judi dench and maggie smith

Aug. 5th, 2006 | 02:19 am
location: my bed
music: the booming basses of sherman street

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is our animal, georgia.
we found her.
she lets us know that it's time to clean her litter box by shitting on the floor.

first friday and chinese food was fun.
and a rum and ginger beer at alex's was good too.
watching couples makes me half miss the headache/illusions and half glad that i don't have to deal with it.
maybe 40/60, miss/relief...

nicolita is in town for the night and talking to her has also been a good thing.
i'm very excited that she and hailey will soon live so near!
there will be gnomes!

chilly nights are good for curling up and sleeping.

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(no subject)

Aug. 3rd, 2006 | 03:29 pm
music: "heartbeats" the knife

i got an A for my 8 credit french class.
yay, now i feel like having no life wasn't a total waste of time.

also, i have decided to switch my major to french.
i know, french is sort of a useless language and i might have to end up teaching it to high school brats or something.
but, if i'm going to spend time and money in college, i want to get an actual skill out of it.
and media studies is just so vague, that i find myself not trying, getting Bs, and not really learning anything.
i'd feel like it was worth it if down the road, i actually know another language.
i'm much better at immersing myself in something than trying to learn a little bit of everything,
and yeah, it'll put me behind a little.
but i've already got 2 years of media under my belt, which is all some newspapers require anyway.
and i don't really care if i'm in school a long time.
the longer i can live off of financial aid, the better.

my hannaford crush definitely knows me now, sort of.
and this makes me very happy.
he's adorable.

guitar is not easy to learn.
but i really, really, want to know how to play.
and with a sweet guitar like miranda vulva, how could i not?

yesterday was all around lovely, involving crush, swimming at salmon falls with lindsay followed by dinner at silly's, and "project runway" in p-hall with andrew.

things are pretty good.

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(no subject)

Jul. 31st, 2006 | 07:57 pm
music: "crazy for you"madonna

on my way to work today there was this haggard shirt, torn apart on a post that said "I'm going to Disney World".
it made me remember why i should always have my camera on me.

"i have to refuse this sale of alcohol to you," my manager said to my last customer of the night.
to me, "couldn't you smell the alcohol reeking off of him?" she said to me. "would you have made that sale?"
"i have awful allergies so i can't smell anything,"i said."but that's why i called you over, i felt weird about it."
confidentially, i called her over to say "can i go home now?"
if lying really does catch up with you one day, well, i'm in a hell of a lot of trouble, no pun intended.

i shared my apple with a seagull today.

i was listening to this mixed tape i made the summer before my senior year.
apparently at 17, i liked depeche mode, duran duran, sixties folk music and the occasional 1920s ballad.
i didn't have very many friends in high school.

"i know someone who thinks you're cute, so feel loved,"a cashier says to me today as i was buying coffee. "but i can't say who."
i think i know who it is.
funny how the people who usually like me are the people i don't hold back around because i don't think of them that way.
and then to anyone i might have an eye for, i can't say hi.
oh, the trials of the heart!

i love old men and i'm sad that a superb generation is dying.

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a little less bright

Jul. 28th, 2006 | 03:02 pm

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i just found out that gene pitney died on april 5th and i had no idea.
this is very saddening.

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(no subject)

Jul. 27th, 2006 | 11:11 pm
music: "waiting is the hardest part"tom petty and the heartbreakers


this is incredible.
if only i could go back to france in the 1960s.

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lucia dibenedetto

Jul. 26th, 2006 | 02:41 pm

this is an entry all about lucia.

Sometimes she is unclear:
"OKAY, let's do the next one, okay, I think that's enough. close your books."
"This is an important exercise. It's not important, I mean, uhhhh...this is the verb écrire. come on!"

Sometimes she struggles with the English:
"Get yourself a bonafeener french book at Borders."
"2 and 3 makes 7."

A student writes a sentence on the board.
"something looks wrong here." lucia states.
"i took it right out of the book, so i don't think it's wrong,"the student replies.
lucia mumbles the phrase to herself a few times, and upon realizing that she was wrong and the answer is right, she laughs loudly and bows.
"I drop my hat! Le chapeau! Le chapeau! I tell you what, students, they're constantly waiting in the wings for me to make a mistake!"
("don't flatter yourself..." the guy next to me mutters)
"Of course, really, I made no error,no, all I said was 'it looks wrong' i didn't say it was wrong, so really I didn't make a mistake but...but, well I wasn't really wrong but...."

She has lately repeated to us:
"I have a thing for finishing."
But apparently this isn't so when it comes to finishing sentences...

For example, she mentioned that some of the French truly do not like Americans.
"Has anyone ever said anything rude to you to your face about you being American or is it just a general attitude?"asked a student.
A simple enough question.
"Well, you know, I have travelled ... uh it comes up in conversations, you know, so, yeah. so it's...you know... i know people. and they are sometimes very, well, so you know it's just uh ... I love the French so , i mean this dislike, it's not just the french, you know, so, i'm just going to leave it there. Did I answer your question?"

A student asks, "Wait, why did you spell it like that?"
Instead of saying "Because remember, this one is irregular" she says "Well, because this is good French, that's why."

Lucia Logic:
"He was a great man so, obviously, he is deceased."

Grabbing the handle of a stationary door, she exclaims
"Whoa! This door is wild!"

"Let's take out our textbooks...I don't know where my textbook is....it's gone off to the stars."

"Get an extra croissant because, well, you know those crows. They come right in through the windows!"

In Lucia's world:
"I don't know if my computer has sound. I mean it was playing music but I don't know. I mean, I know computers pretty well but can you really open a link in an e-mail? Really?! And hear sound?"

Pressing "play" on a vcr requires the nearest student because "when I get a little nervous I can't work the machines." As the student presses play, she also backs away, just in case.

When you are done listening to a song from a cd player, pull the plug out of the wall by the cord because hitting "stop" is far too difficult.
Also, when you are then searching for said cd, look in the tape deck and say "Where is the cd? It's gone!"

She was feeling festive for Bastille Day and began to sing the French national anthem.
"It's all about gentle France...kind of nice compared to that American one with the bombs, uh, what song is that? 'America the Beautiful?'"
"Do you mean our national anthem?" we ask. "Um, that'd be the Star-Spangled Banner."
"Oh yes, that one."
Lucia was, mind you, born in Massachusetts.
On the same day...
"Those French philosophers had an impact on..uh....oh what is it called? That American document from the 1700s..."
"The Declaration of Independence.
"Right, that's what it's called."

And always, when watching a black and white movie in a dark room, put your sunglasses on.

Oh Lucia...I think I love her.

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